Bulletin Board: September 4, 2011

Calista foundation provides fall scholarships
Calista Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit Calista Corp. subsidiary, said it is providing $217,000 in scholarships for the first semester of the 2011-12 academic year. This is the largest scholarship amount granted in a single semester. If all applicants are approved for the spring semester, the total award amount for the academic year will double to $434,000. More than 75 towns, cities and villages are represented as 248 Shareholders and descendants receive financial assistance. The main source of scholarship fundraising is the annual Calista Golf Classic, where more than $210,000 was raised. CHF was founded in 2010 and operates the scholarship fund. Calista donated $1 million to CHF in 2010. Since 1994, more than $2.4 million in scholarships have been awarded.

United Way receives grant from New York Live foundation
The New York Life Insurance Foundation announced a $4,800 grant to support the United Way of Anchorage. The foundation awards roughly 138 grants annually to local United Ways nationwide to support community programming. The New York Life Foundation has, since its founding in 1979, provided more than $140 million in charitable contributions to national and local non organizations.

Doyon announces dividend
The Doyon Ltd. board of directors voted to approve a shareholder dividend in the amount of $3.88 per share, or $388 per 100 shares, during its quarterly meeting in Fairbanks Aug. 20. The dividend will be distributed to shareholders on Dec. 6. Doyon has paid shareholders a dividend every year since 1987, making this the 25th consecutive year that shareholders will receive a dividend from the corporation. The dividend is based on a five-year average of net income. Headquartered in Fairbanks, Doyon Ltd. has 18,300 shareholders and was established under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Calista transfers ownership of First Alaskans magazine
Calista Corp. and First Alaskans Institute announced the transfer of ownership for the Alaska Native-owned magazine, First Alaskans. The magazine was the flagship publication of Alaska Newspapers Inc. since it was first published in 2001. FAI is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to advance Alaska Natives. All ANI publications have now been sold.

Atmautluak council receives housing grant
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded $798,888 to the Atmautluak Traditional Council to promote an entrepreneurial approach to economic development in rural and tribal communities. The council is among 46 rural and tribal communities in 19 states awarded more than $28 million under HUD's new Rural Innovation Fund to address distressed housing conditions and concentrated poverty. The Atmautluak Council will use its funds to launch the Pikat Housing Development Co. project to address the need for sustainable, permanent jobs by developing energy-efficient housing for low- and very-low income residents in the Village of Atmautluak. In collaboration with the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, the for-profit company will construct two prototype homes that can then be duplicated in the village. The project will use a hands-on approach to build the capacity of the tribal government staff and local construction workforce.

Sheldon Jackson center receives grant
The Sheldon Jackson Child Care Center Inc. in Sitka has received a federal Community Facility Program grant of $17,287 to purchase equipment for the facility. The child care center is a nonprofit daycare operation. USDA's Rural Development financed the original daycare construction in partnership with the now closed Sheldon Jackson College. Rural Development also has invested funds in Sitka Counseling and Prevention Services for the purchase of infrastructure, and will work with the Sitka Fine Arts Camp Inc. to preserve the use of the Rasmuson Student Center for community-based services as well as continuing to invest in the Sheldon Jackson Child Care Center. This investment, totaling $4.3 million in infrastructure, is well used by the community through these organizations.

NOAA, energy companies to share Arctic data
NOAA, Shell Exploration and Production, ConocoPhillips, and Statoil USA E&P Inc. signed an agreement to enhance collaboration on ocean, coastal and climate science for the Arctic. The agreement calls for sharing a number of scientific data sets for this largely frontier region, including weather and ocean observations, biological information, and sea ice and sea floor mapping studies. This agreement provides a framework among the signatories to share high-quality data to enhance NOAA's ability to monitor climate change and provide useful products and services that inform responsible energy exploration activities in the region. Integrating data could also provide a greater national capacity to effectively manage and respond to environmental disasters, such as hazardous spills, in an area where limited personnel and facilities exist. NOAA will conduct quality control on all data provided. NOAA will make the data obtained under this agreement available to the public except as limited by a specific annex, and will seek to have as much data as possible publicly available.

Burlington to open new store
Burlington Coat Factory will open a new store on Nov. 4 at the Northway Mall in Anchorage. Burlington has partnered with Security National Properties to open its 60,000-square-foot location, bringing approximately 75 new jobs. This store will be the national retailer's second location in the state of Alaska. Burlington Coat Factory is a national retail chain founded in 1972. It has more than 460 stores in 44 States and Puerto Rico.

SeaLife Center earns award
The Alaska SeaLife Center received a 2010-11 National Pinnacle Award from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. The award is presented annually to organizations posting outstanding K-12 standards-based interactive videoconferencing education programs. To qualify, the provider must receive a minimum 2.85 score out of a possible 3 on its program evaluations from educators during the school year. The evaluation assesses seven areas: two related to the effectiveness of the presenter and five related to the educational content of the program. This is the second time in four years that the SeaLife Center has received the CILC Pinnacle Award.

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